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We have an Aircraft to fit your needs....

From Seaplanes to very light Jets that can carry from 2 to 6 passengers, Turboprops which can carry up to 50 passengers passengers, to mid-size jets for 6 to 10 passengers we can get you to your destination quickly and safely. Travelling with larger group? Heavy jets can carry up to 14 passengers. Large groups can travel on their own schedule and destination by chartering an airliner best suited to the size of their group. Clients requiring medical evacuation can count on us to arrange for an air ambulance from any airport in the world quickly and efficiently. Need a helicopter? Tell us your requirements, destination, and schedule and the right type of helicopter will be waiting for you when you’re ready to fly.
Our Executive Airplane Charters are at Your Service!

Private jets offer a competitive edge in a world where time is money. With an airplane charter, you are able to set your own schedule. Your private jet charter can be changed or rescheduled on short notice. It’s one of the compelling reasons why business jets are a practical solution. Every one has their own reason for renting a private plane. We would be honored to have you call and let us show you how with our experience, contacts and knowledge we can add considerable value to your private aircraft charter. You can reach us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Our Executive Airplane Jet Charters are at Your Service!

Everyone has their own reason for renting a private jet or executive aircraft.  We know that your business needs to function efficiently, especially when deadlines are an issue and the comfort and excellent of the crew services are tantamount.

So the reasons that you choose the charter company, are crucial to result that you achieve.  Nothing should be left to chance and nothing should be overlooked when it comes to getting satisfaction and quality service.

What Private Jet is best for you?

Small jets are perfect for flights less than 3-4 hours and where baggage is limited.  They can transport 2-3 people and up to groups of 12 passengers.  A variety of catering can be provided.

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Mid-sized jets are used when passengers exceed the 12 and over average of a small aircraft, or when more luggage is necessary.  Seating can be arranged for onboard meetings or relaxing, whichever your choice.  Catering is an option and a Stewardess will be provided to take care of you, if you so request.

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Heavy aircraft are the only ones to use when you are travelling non-stop for up to 12 hours.  They carry up to 45 passengers in VIP configuration or 150 in regular.  These VIP jet are fully equipped with every amenity you will need, including gourmet catering, entertainment systems, sat-phones and onboard stewardess.

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