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The Ultimate in Charters Services Worldwide...

From yachting events to corporate shows and conferences.  When you need to get there, we can provide the best in aircraft or yacht charter.  Do not miss the next up and coming forum, show or event.



Ultimate in Charters Worldwide

Choose from a selection of over 1,500 luxury charter yachts! Motor yachts & sailing yachts of all sizes, available to charter worldwide...

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Yacht Charter.

Staying onboard a luxury yacht is the equivalent of holidaying in a highly recommended hotel, with the exception of personal services of a captain and crew who will cater for your every wish...

Sail Away

Aircraft Charter.

Private jets offer a competitive edge in a world where time is money. When you hire a charter aircraft, you are able to set your own schedule, relax and enjoy the exceptional service that the onboard crew offer...

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Want to know more?

For more information on obtaining your perfect yacht or aircraft charter, request a quote or assistance from us.  One of our brilliant team members will be right on it.

Yacht Charter Fleet

Go to our big sister Ultimate-Charters.com site to see all  sailing, motor & super yachts available to charter worldwide...


Aircraft Charter Options

For important business, pleasure or to get you to that event on time, come to the ultimate.com aircraft charter page to choose the perfect one for you. Because your business matters...

Charter VIP Services

Along with your aircraft or yacht charter, you also get the full star treatment.  With fully crewed charters to cater for your every need, giving you the ultimate VIP experience.  Don't worry about emergencies, as we have that covered...

Since 1984...

Ultimate Charters has been doing it's utmost to provide the necessary services required to give your business the best.  To help you stand out and make sure that you have to worry about nothing more, than getting to that important meeting and ready for action.  We know that deal, conference or event cannot be missed and that is why it is our business to make sure that yours is taken care of.

As far as our yacht charters are concerned, we have the best in the business.  Fully crewed and ready to pamper and provide everything that is needed on a luxury break away.  Your crew is fully equipped to handle taking care of your needs and nothing is left to chance.  We do all the work so you won't have to.  The only thing you will have to do is sit back and enjoy your time on one of our beautiful yacht charters.



Get assistance...

For more information on any of our services or yacht & aircraft charters.  Please contact our wonderful staff, who would love to help you out...

We look forward to taking care of you at Ultimate Charters!